A night in Montgomery, Al…

By: charleslawson76

Sep 26 2010

Category: Photo Blog

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Camera:NIKON D90

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1st don’t get it wrong. This city is a part of me, way more than my current city of choice. Montgomery is home to all my 1st hopes, and dreams, loves, and all the good things that are in me. So you would never hear me down this place. Tonight I found out that not only has Montgomery, Al been at work to make some changes, but also that the changes that have been completed are wonderful and encourage economic growth. I went down to Commerce St tonight (even the name of the street is telling you this is the place to spend you hard earned dough). I had the pleasant opportunity to dine with my friends at Sa Za’s Real Serious Italian Food. The staff was a top notch, friendly, fun loving group of people. Even when dealing with the random inebriated customer it didn’t get to the bartenders. They let whatever comment roll off and didn’t give any power to the jerk behind the Long Island Iced Tea.  I had a pizza while I was there. For the money it was a lot of food. I ended up sending a good bit home with my 2 friends, because I had nowhere to take it. I had the bartender to make one of my favorite drinks and it was wonderful. The management personnel was pleasant. The venue itself was very modern, sheek, and sexy. Decorated with curtains, interior brick walls, and multiple ways and places to eat and drink. I would tell anyone to go there for the good drinks, the food, and the staff. Great job to the employees of Sa Za’s, I had a great time with you all tonight. Check out the photos that I got tonight! My boys Gerrand and Quentin came out to kick it too and they made the cut for the slideshow. Special shout out to the Alley Bar for letting us in without a cover to get a drink!